BBCx - the broadcasting concept which BBC Television rejected


BBCx was conceived as a 3-hour slot of television excellence to be screened nightly on BBC2 from 7.30p.m. on the dot, 7 nights a week throughout the year.

BBC Television is famous for trashing most of its output with split screens, talkovers and captions, for almost never sticking to its scheduled transmission times, for frequently tearing up its published programme schedules, and for its piecemeal scheduling. BBCx would have none of that. It would in effect be a BBC-free zone, a zone free of all that ails the BBC and infuriates viewers.

BBCx would be divided in to two parts, either side of the 9.00p.m. watershed.

Content-wise, BBCx would contain, for example, items such as live link-ups with people and places around the World; dance; music; survival techniques presented by Ray Mears; sports masterclasses presented by John McEnroe, Boris Becker and other Wimbledon Champions; crops and industry around the World; classic motor vehicles; hobbyists and experimenters; equestrianism; computer know-how; volcano watch; storm watch; World weather watch; astronomy; astrology; science; and, well, you get the idea, everything which the BBC doesn't screen to any extent on its two main channels. BBCx would be pioneering television. It would be the best that the BBC could offer. We also mustn't forget the nightly watershed party...It would have you laughing until you cry. Come on, use your imagination. And none of that would cost an arm and a leg. The BBC spends a fortune on generally producing rubbish, when it could spend so relatively little and produce great programming. The BBC sometimes spends millions of pounds to screen blockbuster films. Just think how far millions of pounds would go on BBCx. BBCx would be free of news and politics. BBCx - excellence in broadcasting.

When BBCx was suggested to the BBC on 18th. October, 2006, not surprisingly the idea was totally rejected.

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