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As the Sage said: "Well, whatta y' wanna know?" And as I say: "What's to tell? What's to know?" I am a male of the species. I was born, bottom first with my feet up around my ears, at 4.30p.m. British Summer Time on Wednesday, the 31st. of August, 1949. Mum said that it was raining at the time. Perhaps that is why I feel sleepy and contented when I hear rain on the roof. I had 10 years of formal education: 6 years at Storrington Primary School from 1954 - 1960, and 4 years at Rydon County Secondary Modern School in Thakeham from 1960 - 1964. I left school just before my 15th. birthday. Later on I trained 4 times a week for years at Shotokan Karate, and, after numerous failures, I eventually got my first degree black belt. Later still I rode horses several times a week for years. Along the way I did an equestrian course at Brinsbury College. I have more interests than you can shake a stick at. For decades I have quietly been learning survival techniques, and at a push I can make fire using the friction of wood. I also hand made numerous lenses for fire lighting. The highlight of my working career was when I drove earthmovers, but in the process I twice nearly got killed. American machines were by far the best. I am a Christian by birth, but I am a Pagan by choice. I am not married, and I have no children.

Yours Truly

Outlined Girl

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